Guanaco in the UK


An endangered member of the camelid family.  We have bred guanaco on our farm for more than 20 years. They have adapted to farm life really well and we now have a successful breeding programme. We have exported the luxurious fibre from our animals as far afield as Japan and America. It is prized around the world, but very rare.
guanaco  chulengo


Young guanaco are called chulengo. Guanaco don't lick their young when born, but rely on the sun to dry them. They have an uncanny nack of picking lovely sunny days to give birth. The gestation period is 11.5 months.

guanaco herd


Guanaco are a herd animal and will run with a single male. Once the chulengo are about a year old, the herd male will drive off the male chulengos from the herd. They will then run as a bachelor herd quite happily.

guanaco fibre yarn and shawl


Fibre from guanaco is highly desirable, being finer than cashmere and warmer than wool. We have exported our fibre as far a field as Japan and America. We shear the herd every 2 years.

guanaco for sale


We have a successful breeding programme here at Heathylee House Farm. We have stock for sale for those looking for either a starter herd, or young males. Further details here.

Guanaco fine fibre from the Peak District


One of the finest fibres in the world

Guanaco are the wild cousin of the Llama and Alpaca. They are not considered domesticated. They have one of the finest fibres in the world, finer than cashmere. Their coat is made up of 2 layers, a coarser outer guard hair and a fine downy undercoat. They are smaller than a Llama, but bigger than an alpaca. Their temperament could be described as timid, but curious and are happy to mix with our donkeys, sheep and goats. They can withstand a range of temperatures from -40 deg C to +40 deg C, but really don't like the rain, preferring to go under cover during inclement weather.
guanaco for sale


Interested in keeping guanaco? We occasionally have animals for sale and can offer support and guidance.
guanaco shawl and fibre for sale


fibre as soft as a cloud

All fibre from guanaco is subject to CITES regulations and although we are free to export within Europe, we must obtain an individual license to ship any items outside Europe.  Contact us for more details of the cost and lead time.

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