Text Box: Heathylee Middle White Pigs

We breed Middle White pedigree pigs and are members of the British Pig Association.  These pigs are the most friendly and talkative of all the breeds of pig we have looked after on the farm and make an ideal choice for the first time pig keeper.

The Middle White pig originated in 1852 from crosses between Large White and Small White breeds.  The Small White (now extinct) was developed from imported Chinese pigs and this is where the beautiful puggy nose comes from.  Middle Whites are completely white, with bat like ears, a thin skin and a fine coat.  They are regarded as the very best suckling pigs and the pork off the early maturing middle whites is fast becoming acknowledged as the best.  The meat is much darker than other breeds of pork.

Some people think the Middle White pig is ugly, because of their short snouts and ‘dished’ faces, but we find them gorgeous.  They are very placid animals and have less of a tendency to root than other breeds of pig because of their short nose.

We sometimes have pigs for sale, from young weaners to in-pig gilts.  Contact us for further details.  We are happy to advise on all aspects of pig keeping for the first timers.  

Middle White pigs have very fair skin and have to be watched for sunburn in the summer (sunscreen can be rubbed on outdoor pigs) and they appreciate warm shelter in the winter.  Generally speaking they are all good mothers, we had a first time gilt who successfully reared 11 piglets this year, although litter sizes amongst rare breeds are often smaller than might be expected from commercially bred pigs.

We take some of our middle whites to fat, and from time to time we sell 1/2 pigs as pork to local customers.  All our pigs are reared in a traditional manner in small friendly groups with lots of human contact and stimulation.  We believe the pork tastes so much better when the animal has had a happy life.

middle white pig and pigletsposie the middle white pig and her new born pigletsnew born piglets3 day old pigletsKevin the boarmiddle white weanerText Box: Middle White pedigree weaners 
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